Strong Indication that Condoleeza Rice will be Mitt Romney’s Running Mate

This morning, The Drudge Report is running an exclusive story indicating that insiders at the Mitt Romney Campaign are seriously considering running Condoleeza Rice for Vice President.  I have not done the homework on Ms Rice to the extent that I believe I should have, but at first blush the idea certainly might seem to be a good one.  Choosing Rice creates a number of pre-emptive strikes against the inevitable complaints from the opposition:  Rice is most certainly qualified, she is somewhat centrist, and of course represents two minority demographics that seem to be the beneficiaries of a trend toward electing people to public office other than white men in blue suits with red ties.  The real question is:  can she win?

The choice of Sarah Palin in 2008, in my mind, was the beginning of the end of the Mc Cain campaign.  Beyond her unique presentation and take on the American Experience, Mrs Palin was an unknown with a slim track record and a unique ability to provoke and offend her critics.  By comparison, Ms Rice appears to be a skilled negotiator, already known at the top levels of government worldwide, a woman who needs make no explanations or excuses to anyone.  

She also has name recognition, something the other contenders lack, though this could be an issue for some conservatives as she is inextricably tied to the roll up to the Iraq War, may be Pro – Life, and did indicate some support for President Obama.  Her recent comments to her supporters, however, indicate that she feels, as many conservatives do, that our Domestic Affairs are completely out of control.  I have to agree with this position since as a resident of New York City I see that today’s forcast calls for a 100% chance of Lead.  Our inner cities, at the very least, are completely out of control, and heavy-handed, wreckless spending, over the course of many decades, has only exacerbated the situation.  Not surprisingly, the Democrats are calling for more money to fix a situation that all the money in the world has only made worse.  Ms Rice appears to recognize the ongoing tragedy of our domestic situation.

Romney could pick a less controversial running mate, perhaps a Marco Rubio, but he does seem tepid compared to the real bona fides and the real political teeth someone like a Ms Rice would bring to the table.  The question, and it is one that remains to be answered, is will Ms Rice appeal to the conservative base?  An informal survey on Drudge appears to answer this question, with 64% of the readership currently supporting the choice of Rice as VP.

There’s another element here that has not been considered, but one that will certainly need to be adressed:  who is Ms Rice sleeping with?  Is she in a relationship?  With whom?  According to Wikipedia, she dated a football player known as Rick Upchurch, but that was back in the 1970’s.   If she is dating someone, we will need to know who that person is.  If she is not dating someone, the public will want to know why.  Of course, the question of sexual orientation comes to mind for anyone with such a paucity of romantic history, and this even extends to the President himself by way of Larry Sinclair:  the public will quickly populate a nonexistent sexual history with deeds of their own imagining.  More importantly, the nation does not need another politician with a background as vague as Barack Obama’s.  I’m a fan of the President, but you cannot deny that he has been cagey about his background.  Ms Rice cannot do that, and whatever she’s doing behind closed doors can be used to her benefit once the liberal smear machine has gone through Condi’s trash and moved into her neighbor’s house.  

I suppose that brings me to my main point:  why would a woman as qualified as Ms Rice, with a perfectly promising and wonderful life in place, choose to subject herself to the vitriol that will inevitably flow from the left?  Harry Belafonte will call her a ‘bad apple’.  Spike Lee will say something utterly inappropriate.  Benjamin Jealous will hint that she’s some kind of traitor, and George Soros will pay someone to pick over every moment of her life.  Why would a dignified person such as Ms Rice, someone known to play piano along with Yo Yo Ma on cello, choose to subject herself to the unlimited vitriol of the left?  

She may be too good for the job.  We may not deserve her.